SADI shapes plaster works for decorative stuccoes and unique objects for over a century.
These works are recovered in the achievements of the most important architects of the 20th century and the new Millennium.
The ability to produce decorations for your needs is the basis of its affirmation in a short time on the Italian and foreign markets.
An activity that it’s assisted by design and manufacturing of ceiling and walls made of plaster, metal, wood and other materials.
The products range is completed with the proposed signage for interior and exterior with the production of raised access floors.
The company also operates in the field of civil, tertiary, private construction and in the civil and naval contract.
With regard to furniture, both for the civil and naval contract, SADI relies on industry leaders, collaborating with famous designers to create environments that establish the value of the function and design.

  1. Stuccoes decorations, gypsum ceilings and special elements for indoor and outdoor
  2. Metal ceilings, Façade claddings and special elements
  3. Raised access floors

SADI provides engineering services from concept design to completion of construction drawings.
Production with all the finishing work related is performed at the Company’s plants.


The production SADI in the field of gypsum products dates back to 1908 when, for the first time in Italy was begun industrial-scale manufacture of the decorative elements in plaster in various styles. Still prestigious projects produced in the early decades of the last century testify to this primacy of industrial initiative.
SADI is able to produce false ceilings standard or design made of plaster, fibers and other materials, for inside and outside areas, for wet and dry environments.
Every day, it transmits his knowledge to professionals with a view to "Solution Provider" to get the best results in the design phase.
SADI is able to offer standard products and exclusive, suitable for a market technologically demanding and refined taste, combining the best techniques of advanced systems artisans treatment products.


SADI is one of the European leader for raised floors with special coverages (porcelain tile, hardwood floors, marble, granite, natural and reconstituted stones).
In the Orgiano plant,the company is engaged in production, development, marketing and installation of raised access floors as well as after-sales service for any changes to the layout and maintenance of installed floors.
SADI is able to provide more than 3,000 product variants and customization for each type of project depending on the application and use. The advantages of SADI are the skills and the ability proactive application engineers in design, flexibility, full automation of the production, the continuous innovation of the system, the quality of the products, components, accessories and services.


Metal section has begun in the fifties right now giving utmost importance to designers for the industry’s  development and making strong partnerships with the most popular architects and engineers of the time. The first major applications of soundproof ceilings Metalsadi go back to the sixties, appearing in banks, shopping malls, airports, sports stadium, offices and ship building.
Today, more than ever, SADI technology and Know-How are at the service of designers ideas and creativity, without  fulfillment’s limits, developing them since the last detail, being able to shape metal as it has always shaped plaster. SADI provides interior solutions, façade claddings and sign system accessories.


via Carbon 25/B
36040 - Orgiano (VI)

Via Cesare Battisti, 168
36045 - Lonigo (VI)

Offices and Plant

Via Carbon, 25/B
36040 - Orgiano (VI)
Tel. +39 0444 788788
Fax +39 0444 788777

Head Office

Via Cesare Battisti, 168
36045 - Lonigo (VI)

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